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Element Aero Structures is an aircraft repair center that provides structural repair and modifications on fixed and rotory wing aircraft. Located in Prince George B.C., We have serviced customers from around the world from our facility at the Prince George Airport. 

Whether it is a Bell Jetranger skid tube or a special pressurized or composite repair we can assist with damage evaluation and quoting services to help minimize your down time and get you back in the air quickly and safely 

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Element Aero structures offers a wide variety of structural repair and installation services to both fixed and rotory wing aircraft including but not limited to; damage evaluation, flight control reskining and repair, helicopter lower shell replacements, major mods/repairs, STC installation, field repairs, composite structure repairs and more


Element Aero Structures has extensive experiance and training in the specialized field of aircraft composites preforming repairs with the latest procedures, practices and materials to maximize job quality and consistancy


Element Aero Structures offers a full range of paint services utilizing the Axalta professional coating system (formerly Dupont Imron) to fit your needs from complete strip and paint operations to minor touch-ups with computerized paint matching from a scan of your original colour for a seamless end product.